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What Makes a Personalized Gift So Personal?

Gifts for Professionals offers thousands of gift items from desk accessories to employee recognition awards. Each one assures its own value based on what our customers are looking for and what those specific needs are for the specific occasion. Often in browsing various gifts on, customers see such suggestions as Add a name or initials to make this a truly personal gift idea.” So, what exactly makes a personalized item so personal?

Perhaps one of the best comments we hear from our customers is the excited exclamation when we show them a finished personalized item. In addition to the exclamation of excitement, it is usually followed with “Oh, he is going to love it!” and various other accolades expressing excitement over the item once again, only this time the personalization is on the item and it gives it increased value.

The most common reasons for personalizing an item for a friend or colleague that our customers have shared with us is that they just want to get the person something special. As special as the gift might already be, the added value of the personalization says so much in gift giving. Clearly a friend is choosing a gift for you which would be a gift that you would cherish and use again, but by adding personalization, so many recipients say that it makes them feel special for so many reasons including that the gift obviously costs an additional charge but, more importantly, that the gift-giver went to the extra trouble to have the gift personalized... thus making it so very... well, let's face it, personal!

Another reason why personalized gifts are so popular with the recipient is that we seldom choose to have a gift personalized for ourselves. It is just something our customers have told us over and over again. Customers often lament that they wish someone would give them a personalized gift! We often suggest, since they are choosing one for a friend, why not get another for themselves. But customers seem to feel it would be greedy or conceited to get a personalized gift for themselves. It seems like something someone else should do – just as they have done for the recipients receiving these personalized items. Our customers want someone else to give a personalized gift too! Even among the Gifts for Professionals staff, few staff have their own names personalized on any items although they receive personalization free of charge. When questioned, many say they just hadn't thought of it or that it seems strange to buy something for yourself!

Perhaps the most important reasons why a personalized gift adds so much value to the recipient is that in personalizing the gift, the recipient knows the gift was preplanned and that you took the time and trouble it takes to have the gift personalized. In other words, you thought in advance and gave a gift that really took time to choose, have personalized and give.

That's why when Gifts for Professionals tells our customers to Add a name or initials to make this a truly personal gift idea.” we mean it! Personalized gifts... never out of style!

Personalized Nameplates

Engrave your name on our crystal, glass, leather, marble or wooden nameplates!