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Sample Recognition Award Text

Sample Recognition Award Text

Updated March 2011

At Gifts for Professionals, our customer service representatives have become experts on representing our customers. Weekly, the reps report questions and inquiries commonly expressed by our customers ordering. one of the most common inquiries our customer service representatives tell us they are asked for assistance is wording on recognition awards. That's why, by popular demand and customer inquiry, Gifts for Professionals is happy to share some popular wording that may assist you in providing the perfect working for awards. Check out our helpful hints on how to write award winning award text! Although it seems simple, each customer really wants the wording to reflect the award being given. We know you care about your recipient and we care about you! Feel free to use the wording below exactly or simply use it as a starting point! However you want your award text to read, it has to be worthy of the award! Remember, adding your logo isn't always necessary. The additional cost may not be worth it and besides, a name is often what is used by our customers.

Note: In browsing the samples, don't be limited to the category for which you are choosing an award.

Sample Text for Awards of Excellence Awards

John Beckett

In Appreciation of your commitment,

Dedication and Pursuit of Excellence

March 2011

In appreciation for your dedication,

loyalty to your job, and desire to

fulfil lthe goals of the corporation

Building Blocks proudly names

Joe Smith

Employee of the Year

Smart Business Leader Award

In recognition and appreciation of exceptional accomplisements

in pursuing significant contributions to the success of the the department,

the division and the corporation.

LetsGo Corporation

March 2011

Gratefully presented to Joe Tye

for unparalled initiative,

commitment, and excellence

that distinguishes you as the

Employee of the Year

Excellence Award

For Service which Excels

For Dedication Unparalleled

For Loyalty Unmatched

In Appreciation

Award of Excellence

Excellence can be obtained if you

care more than others think is wise,

risk more than others think is safe,

dream more than others think is practical

and expect more than others think is possible.

John Henry Murphy

Award for Excellence

June 5, 2010

Sample Text for Community Volunteerism or Involvement Awards

Outstanding Community Contributor

presented to

Pierce Patrick

December 2011

In Appreciation

Bringing Hope to the Needy

Care to the Underprivileged.

Your Contributions Matter

Volunteer Award

John Michael Kenney

January 2011

In recognition of your financial contributions.

personal assistance, and dedication

to volunteerism.

Presented to:

Jacob Friedman

Presented to the Tyler Corporate Giving Team

In appreciation of your generous support

In meeting the needs of underprivileged children

Thank you!

2011 – 2012

Volunteer of the Year Award

For a Helping Hand

And an Open Heart

Sample Text for Sales Achievements Awards


Top Achiever

Michael Sikes

Top Volume Producer

Grayson Tyler

Year 2011

Taylor Gregory

for leading our company to a

third consecutive record breaking year.


December 2011

Most Improved


Q4 Sales Team

Linden Accurso

Presented December 2011

In Recognition

of Your Achievement

as Top Sales Representative

Second Quarter 2011

Award Winning

Sales and Service

Presented August 2011

Lyle Myers

Customer Care Award

For Sales and Service

January 2011

Bill Actery

Outstanding Performance.

Dedicated Leadership.

Employee of the Year

Winston Russell


Sample Text for Teamwork Awards

Thomas Murphy

In Grateful Recognition

of Your Timeless Efforts in Making

Our Team So Successful

Presented to

Wilson Sheen

With respect and admiration

for your

exceptional contributions

to the business

and the people who work here.

For his exemplary leadership and

outstanding performance and

dedication to teamwork

In Grateful Appreciation

to Joseph Johsnon

Teamwork Award

presented to

Corey James

“Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Retirement Awards Sample Text

Honoring the long and dedicated service

of Janice Johnson

You Will Be Missed

Veteran's Council, Georgia Chapter

December 2010

In Appreciation to

Davis Collins

25 Years of Dedicated Service

Presented at Retirement

January 24, 2011

Jack Cooper

For Years of Leadership.

For Decades of Dedication.

Best Wishes on Your Retirement

The Resources Team

Sample Text for Diversity Awards

Diversity Award

presented to

Lavetta Whitefield

In recognition of her

support to expand

and further the causes

of minorities and women.

“An Example to All”


Committed to the Disinfranchised

Dedicated to the Needy.

A True Leader in the Minority Community

Johnston Wright


A True Example of Diversity

Jacob Friedmann

Diversity Leadership Recipient


Sample Text for Other Awards

John Patrick

In recognition of your being

the best in the company at cutting expenses

September 2010

Employee of the Year

Leadership. Dedication. Teamwork.

Joseph Smith

December 2011