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Sample Employee Recognition Award Letters

Sample Employee Recognition Award Letters

In partnering with our customers to provide the perfect recognition awards, Gifts for Professionals knows that awards are only one part of the service our customers need from us. Assistance in drop shipping, helping develop the correct award wording and even assuring we offer a variety of Sample Recognition Letters perfect for assisting our customers. We recognize that not all awards are presented in person and in shipping awards to branch offices to customers who've achieved milestone recognition, you may need a small note of thanks to accompany the award. In sending to various employees in the field who often never are able to attend recognition events, you may need a little help by browsing a few sample recognition letters. So, by popular demand, Gifts for Professionals is pleased to offer sample Recognition Letters which only need minor changes to make them your own and say thanks in the best way possible! Just another service we offer at Gifts for Professionals fir recognizing our customers whose dedication to us makes all the difference.

Sample Award Letter #1

Dear Ryan,

On behalf of the management team at ABC Enterprises, the ABC Awards Committee is pleased to enclose a beautiful crystal triangle recognizing the three levels of corporate achievement you have reached through the Triangle of Achievement Award.

As you know, ABC Enterprises encourages all employees to provide
dedication to the company through achieving your department goals, loyalty to the principals of the company through meeting established criteria of achievement in your department, and a call to action to community service as our corporation reaches out to the larger family beyond our employees. Your dedicated efforts have meant you have met our Triangle of Achievement and the awards committee congratulates you on this tremendous achievement.

While it is the committee's wish to personally present each award, please know, in addition to enclosing this beautiful crystal award, we also send our most heartfelt congratulations on your dedicated achievement. We hope you display your award with the same pride the corporation has in its Triangle of Achievement members!



Sample Award Letter #2


Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary with Express Government Services! It is with pride in your dedication and grateful appreciation for your loyalty to EGS that we enclose this special Ten Year Service Award. It is by the efforts of employees who have chosen to serve EGS through the years that the corporation has grown and prospered. In presenting this award for a decade of service, please accept our thanks for the part you have played in making EGS the premier leader in government assistance services. Your name will be added in your department “Decade of Doers” Hall of Fame. In the meantime, please join us at a “Decade of Doers” Celebration on Thursday at 4:00 PM.

Again, congratulations and best to you during the next ten years at EGS!

Sample Letter #3

Each year the awards committee of Beckett Plastics joins together to recognize employees who have achieved milestone anniversaries, singled themselves out for special achievement, and have been nominated for outstanding service among their peers.

It is with extreme pleasure, we enclose the Second Shift Employee of the Quarter Award, as nominated by your peers, voted on by your fellow employees, and certified by the committee's review board. In achieving such an honor, you have distinguished yourself as an employee who provides leadership among your peers. It is one of the most highly sought awards since those among your own rank have distinguished you and honored you. As a committee, we are proud to share this outstanding achievement with you.

May it provide an example to those with whom you work. Again, congratulations on such a special peer recognition award!

Sample Award Letter #4

Congratulations to John Smith!

As a Number One Expert Achiever, you have clearly proven you're the best of the best by outselling other agents in your area, and now you can proudly show off your success by displaying your enclosed #1 Achiever Award. This gorgeous #1 Award and the exclusive designation serve as a beautiful and elegant representation of your outstanding achievements of consistently outshining the competition in your local sales market.

By displaying your stunning #1Award. You will be able to show your past, present, and future clients that you belong to the most elite group of sales teams in the nation.

Once again, congratulations on receiving the #1 Award and designation! We wish you continued success!

Updated May 2011