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Returns Policy

Return Policy

Gifts for Professionals allows you to return your purchase within 30 days from the date of shipment to you. During the holidays, due to holiday shopping, this return period is extended to include items purchased from Thanksgiving through the New Year allowing an additional time frame for your purchase to be returned.

Shipping charges are not refundable and will be deducted from the refund issued. Art charges are not refundable. Personalized items are not refundable. Close out sale items are final. Please see additional information below.

All returns must have a “Return Merchandise Authorization” or RMA number attached to the return. This RMA can be issued via online for your convenience. Please see additional information below concerning the return process.

Examine Your Products Carefully
All packages received must be examined carefully and any problems or breakage must be reported within 7 days of your package being received in order for Gifts for Professionals to work with the carrier who ships it to correct. Also, a ten day period will be enforced for the reporting of all personalized, engraved, foil stamped and debossed items if deemed unacceptable. If you have worked directly with a sales representative, please contact that representative directly to discuss your concerns. If Gifts for Professionals has not been contacted within a 10 day period, these items will be considered satisfactorily accepted by the customer.

Personalized and Custom Items

When ordering personalized items, Gifts for Professionals does out best to assure you understand the method in which your item will be personalized. We offer details on the manner in which each process occurs and encourages our shoppers to contact us if you have any questions about location, size, or method in which personalization is done on your purchase. Once this item has been personalized, however, it cannot be returned. Sorry, we can offer no exceptions on this policy. If you are getting multiple products, a proof of the personalization will be provided. If you need a “product proof” please discuss this option in bulk purchasing with your sales representative. Paper proofs are not provided on single purchases unless a graphics fee of an additional charge is paid.

Please take the time to assure you spell the personalization correctly since Gifts for Professionals cannot be responsible for your errors in spelling. On those rare occasions when Gifts for Professionals misspells an item, we will happily replace it free of charge with our apologies for this error.

If your item is personalized incorrectly, Gifts for Professionals will correct the mistake by a) issuing a return authorization to receive the products back and refunding your account upon receipt of the incorrect items or b) if possible, sending a corrected plate to replace the incorrect plate along with instructions with how to remove the incorrect personalization. If the item is needed immediately, Gifts for Professionals can charge for a new order and refund the original order upon return of the incorrect product. No refunds or credits will be issued if merchandise is not returned. Gifts for Professionals can not be responsible if customer chooses to give the product as a gift and then ask for a refund.

Art Charges and Proof Charges

Gifts for Professionals often works with our customers in creating special art or proofs to assure satisfaction. The amount is set up front for your convenience and often the hours spent on these special requests exceed the amount pre-determined. The graphics department’s time spent on arts and proofs are not refundable. We regret that there are no exceptions to this policy.

Shipments Arriving Broken

Unfortunately, on rare occasions, items arrived damaged or broken. Gifts for Professionals works with the shipping companies (USPS, UPS and FedEx) to assure these shipments are packaged and arrive safely. If, however, your package arrives damaged or broken, please contact Customer Service, via email, within 7 days of this shipment for proper crediting or reshipment. Gifts for Professionals cannot be held responsible for shipment claims made after 7 days from the shipment since the shipping companies do not offer compensation on these insured items.

Please check your shipment upon arrival to your home or office to assure your items are not broken or damaged. This is especially important at the holidays when the shipping companies are extremely over-taxed and items are broken or damaged more often.

Shipping Charges

When refunds are issued, the charge for shipping is deducted from the refund. Customers are responsible for the shipping charge on returned products. When customers are ordering in quantity purchases and working with a sales representative, there are times where Gifts for Professionals will use the customer’s business shipping number to assist in savings on shipping for our customers.

Return Merchandise Authorization

To return purchases for a merchandise refund, a “Return Merchandise Authorization” (RMA) must be issued. This RMA number assures we accept, process, and refund the return properly. This RMA number must be a part of the return in order for it to be valid. The RMA issued return must be received within the 30 day return policy period.

To obtain an RMA#, please complete our Return Merchandise Form.

Restocking Fee
Gifts for Professionals reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 15% on certain purchases including but not limited to: a) special order purchases, b) purchases exceeding $350.00, c) purchases that require special handling and packaging, d) quantity purchases of single blank items, d) crystal trophies ordered blank, e) large scales of justice statues, and f) briefcases.

In general, Gifts for Professionals does not charge a restocking fee on most purchases. If you have questions about this restocking fee, please contact a sales representative via phone or email.

Gift Card Purchases

Gift card purchases are not redeemable for cash. If you have a Gifts for Professionals Gift Card from 2009 or before, it is valid for merchandise only. It cannot be redeemed for cash nor items purchased with it redeemed for cash. Exchanges only.

Leather Custom Made Binders and Conference Pads

Gifts for Professionals carries a small line of custom leather pieces designed to be made in a wider array of colors and styles. We work directly with a custom leather specialist who uses a wider selection of colors that may suit your needs. Due to the specialized nature of these pieces, if you order a custom leather piece, it is not returnable since it has been customized exactly for you. Colors such as red, white and green are rarer and the product cannot be resold due to its special style. If you are concerned about a color choice, simply contact us and a sample color swatch can be sent to assure the red you are interested in, truly is the red that matches your corporate colors or the green you need is dark enough to match your country club's green logo. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Hand Blown Glass and Art Sculpture Pieces

In selecting any of the Gifts for Professionals art sculpture glass and crystal pieces, it is important to keep in mind that variations in design, color, and shape occur since each piece remains a work of art on its own and is hand crafted. While each photo displayed is designed to show the spirit of the award, it is important to understand that imperfections are present in the creation of these beautiful pieces such as bubbles, color differences and splashes and even slight differences in sizes and shapes. Each design is assured a bit of its own originality and these variations and imperfections are considered a part of creating works of art and not simply awards. If you are concerned about such art work pieces, Gifts for Professionals suggests you have a blank one sent to you for review -- or even several -- understanding that they may vary. Art glass pieces are returnable but will incur a 15% restocking fee due to the delicate and individual nature of the pieces and the knowledge that historically these statues have been ordered, used for events, and returned so this policy was established to assure the quality of the pieces are not compromised. We respectfully ask that you understand that Gifts for Professionals suggests not ordering art sculpture pieces if you are concerned about uniformity in your awards and do not like the scratches, bubbles, and old lines and colors that may occur in individual pieces throughout the design process.

Updated March 2014