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Logo Art Requirements


Gifts for Professionals features the option to engrave a custom CORPORATE LOGO onto most of our products.

To engrave your logo, we require a BLACK AND WHITE VECTOR FILE from Adobe Illustrator (or similar program).

For more information about custom logo options, contact us. Note, files that are .pdf, .jpg or .gif are not acceptable formats.

Company Logo Branding Resources

Consider the geometric shape of your logo when selecting the best awards for engraving. For example, our Triangle Shape Awards make an excellent selection when your corporate logo features a triangle design.

Why Is Vector Artwork So Important In Personalizing an Item with a Logo?

Updated March 2011

At Gifts for Professionals we use only vector art. You've read it on our site. Our representatives have told you and you certainly are wanting to know more! It is usually that pesky format provided that you aren't even able to open on your own screen. It is that file that doesn't work for you... but it works for us! Here's a little information on vector art and why it is critical in assuring your corporate or organization's logo look best.

Vector art is made up of lines and points and can be reduced and enlarged to any size without compromising the logo or it's clarity. A designer can remove lines and points as well as add them with Adobe Illustrator. What makes this especially important is that in creating metal plates for engraved items, or creating outlines for engraving, it is what our machines understand. Our engraving and debossing equipment will only recognize an eps in vector. It assures that your image is your image from the fonts to the curves to the outlines.

Vector art is like a star cookie cutter and makes indentations in the dough, so you have a star shaped cookie. Non vector art is like a taking a drawing of a star and pressing it into the dough, you get nothing but mashed dough. So, as much as our customers want to provide other forms of artwork that work great on a computer, this is more than the simple printed image. It is like creating and mold – and in the foil stamping and debossing areas, it actually is creating a metal mold!

Typically a graphic designer will create the company logo in several formats, such as jpg, ai, eps, tiff, pdf. The general office use format is jpg and that can easily be used for office documents with any program. This is the most commonly used method and one our customers continue to want us to use.

Jpg, gif, psd, png, files are not vector because they are files that translate pixel information not "line" information. There is no "conversion" process for transforming bitmap files into vector files. Graphic programs will let you save a jpg or bitmap as an eps, but does not create "lines" to make it vector art, it is still a bitmap image. A true eps format must begin as that format and not simply be saved as an eps.

Jpgs, tiffs, bitmap art is made up of pixels. Pixels are a series of dots, up close they look like squares. There is no "line" or "object" information in a jpg.

Vector art can be created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), CorelDraw (.cdr) and saved as an eps. So, in summary, artwork must be submitted in black and white vector artwork saved in Adobe Illustrator (version CS3 or lower) in .ai or eps formats. To submit otherwise, will mean that you will be contacted and an art charge will be charged to have the image redrawn in acceptable formats.