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Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping - Personalized Gift Method

Foil Stamping is one of the many personalized gift methods. Gifts for Professionals does all of its own engraving, foil stamping and debossing "in-house." This means we own and operate our own equipment and have an attention to quality for your personalized gift. We don't "outsource" our personalized gifts. Our skilled craftsmen imprint all of our gifts under our direct supervision.

Foil Stamping is very similar to the Debossing method. Actually, Foil Stamping is debossing with just an extra step.

Foil Stamping including us rolling a sheet of foil in between the hot metal plate described in our debossing method and the product. Therefore, when the heated metal is pressed into the leather product, an impression is left and the foil color is left inside this "impression" in the leather.

So (blind) debossing leaves an imprint but no color and foil stamping allows a contrast in color between the leather product and the imprint.

Contact customer service for more information. Some products are better suited for debossing due to the nature of the leather, shape of the product, etc. Customer service can assist you in choosing the right personalized gift and the right imprint method.

Colorful Foils for Personalized Names & Corporate Logos

Most customers choose a gold or silver foil on black products but we can accommodate special requests of bright and colorful foil choices.

See more info about the differences between Debossing & Foil Stamping Personalized Gift Imprint Method.