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Employee Recognition Ideas

Employee Recognition Ideas

There are many reasons and many opportunities to recognize your employees. At Gifts for Professionals, we have more than a decade of employee recognition experience.

As we celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2009, we looked back at our thousands of customers. Many of them were small to medium sized businesses who were looking for something unique. These business owners and managers were trying to instill loyalty and reduce staff turnover by showing their employees that their hard work, talent, dedication and innovation was noticed and appreciated.

Companies looking to reward their employees often ask us how to start an employee recognition program. Our advise for smaller companies without an ongoing officially managed employee recognition program is to look for opportunities. Here is a list of some of the occasions that our customers have used to reward their employees.

Year of Service Awards

For companies with multiple employees with years of service, an official "Employee Years of Service Award" is suitable to be implemented. Typically companies reward and recognize employees for 1, 5, 10, 20 and 25 years of service. Obviously, the gifts and awards increase in value and elegance for the higher number of years worked in the organization. Years of Service awards often include employee recognition pins

Smaller companies can do their own version of a "Years of Service" award. Although smaller companies will typically have a small staff and not many who've made it to the decade mark, it's still important to celebrate and the 1st anniversary of the employee, along with 5 and 10 year milestones.

Innovation Awards

From time to time an employee will have an innovative idea. In fact, some of the best ideas for improving products and services come from the employees themselves. After all, the people "on the front line" often have the experience and insight into products, services, manufacturing methods, processes and procedures that increases the value for the company. Reward innovation! Encourage innovation! Ask your employees for their ideas and design an employee rewards program for innovation with monthly, quarterly or annual recognition that includes personalized engraved gifts with the employee's name, company name & logo, and their "innovative idea."

Attendance Awards

A good employee is one that rarely misses work. It's noticed when a truly great employee is out on vacation or out for illness. Therefore, encourage your employees to be at work as much as possible. An Employee Attendance Awards Program highlights the employees who rarely takes time off. A happy employee is one that wants to be at work helping your company achieve its goal. Instill the idea of great attendance as a goal all employees can strive to improve with your very own attendance award milestones. You can give gifts and awards for "Perfect Attendance" or perhaps reward the employee with the "Best Attendance." Either way, employee recognition for attendance is an important way of recognizing your staff.

Safety Awards

Safety is critical in the workplace. For those companies where employees must always be aware of safety and the risks of the workplace, we have some innovative safety awards.

Employee of the Month Award

The "Employee of the Month" award has been around for decades. Many midsize and large businesses use this standard employee award as one of the many approaches to rewards and recognition. People like to see their names in print.... and employees are no different. Choosing an employee each month for outstanding work and showcasing them in the company newsletter or on a perpetual plaque in the lobby is a tried and true employee recognition idea!