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Debossing - Personalized Gift Method

Debossing is one of several methods for imprinting a personalized gift. Along with engraving, laser engraving, sandblasting and foil stamping -- debossing a gift turns a product into something much more personal.

The font available for Personalized Leather Goods is Times Roman

Debossing is the standard personalized gift method for leather goods. Our leather gifts include everything from briefcases, backpacks, valets, business card cases, keychains, note jotters and more. Debossing is done by heating up a "plate" that has either individuals letters or a special plate designed with your logo and then pressing that heated piece of metal into the leather for a few seconds. This method leaves an "imprint" that remains in the leather.

This method is also called "blind debossing" because no color fill is used. Color fill is used in a related personalized gift imprint method called Foil Stamping.

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