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Accounting & Billing

Accounting & Billing Issues

The most frequent accounting and billing issues usually occur when a customer receives an automated notice from our computer system indicating there's been a billing problem. This most commonly occurs because the credit card billing address does not match the billing address on file with the bank.

If you receive a billing problem notification, please update your billing address online using this update billing information form.

Correct Billing Information

It's very important to enter your correct billing information when you first place your order. Your street address, zip code and CVV code should match perfectly with the information on file with your bank. Customers who do not enter the correct information at the start of the order process may later receive an automated email asking for the correct information. Each time the customer updates the information, our accounting software voids the previous "authorization" and then attempts a new authorization to insure the information matches.

Authorizations, Holds & Charges on Your Credit / Debit Card

At the time you place your order, Gifts for Professionals "authorizes" your card. Depending on whether you use a credit or a debit card, your bank
may show this debit on your online banking statement. Many customers assume they've been charged before their item has shipped. It's our general policy to bill your order the same day or 24 hour prior to shipment.

We have no control over how your individual bank handles authorizations and they generally drop off within 7-10 business days unless the charge is processed. Please keep in mind if you enter the incorrect billling address or CVV code at the start of your order, we will prompt you to update the information online. When you do correct your incomplete or incorrect billing information, we will void the first authorization before obtaining a second authorization. However, your bank may or may not immediately drop the first pending authorization. It may take several days. Please enter the correct billing information when you place your order to avoid any confusion. Customers who enter correct billing information from the beginning almost never have any billing issues or concerns.