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We The People Coaster Set

We The People Coaster Set

Item#: 61132

"We the People" Constitution Coasters

Gifts for Professionals proudly presents this set of four marble coasters celebrating the American Constitution. It features "We the People" and the images of four founding fathers including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

This marble coaster set begins with the George Washington coaster. Over Washington's head reads "We the People.." which is the preamble to the United States Constitution. Ardent students of history understand that George Washington lost most of the battles he commanded but he had one trait that is most responsible for winning freedom from the most powerful country in the world -- endurance! That endurance allowed him to keep fighting and eventually win some key battles of the British. There would be no United States without George Washington!

The second founding father in our "We the People" coaster set is Thomas Jefferson. He is regarded as the greatest founding father after General Washington. As the primary author of many early American documents including the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson deserves his honored place in American History. As one of the four marble coasters in our patriotic set, he can also take his honored place in your home or business!

Benjamin Franklin's image is feature on our 3rd coaster in the set. A scientist and diplomat, the many years spent in France gained the United States a key ally at a critical moment in history. Without his diplomatic skills the American Colonies may not have won the Revolutionary War!

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  • Item#: 61132
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