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U.S. Marine Corps Stein

U.S. Marine Corps Stein

Item#: 39572

Personalized USMC Beer Stein

There are endless choices for giving your family members or friends a birthday on congratulatory gift. What makes a normal gift idea a great gift idea is what it will mean to the recipient. Every gift giver should ask themselves if they are just fulfilling a duty by picking an item. Ddo they know the person they intend the gift for intimately? What are the person's passions?

Well for any loyal marine you already know about their passion. They have been willing to sacrifice so much just for the honor or serving in the USMC. Service is their passion. The Marine Corps itself means a great deal to them.

That is why this Marine Corps Glass Stein is the ideal gift for a USMC Private, Corporal, Major, Colonel or any rank in between. This personalized stein is for that Marine who is marching to a patriotic tune. This great beer stein gives him a chance to make a toast to the Corps in the presence of his loyal friends and fellow marines!

A Special Gift for Marine Corps Family Members

When someone joins the United States Marine Corps, it isn't just meaningful to them. Their family is thrilled that one of their own is among the most elite fighting force in the world. There is a sense of family pride that is hard to describe. Marine Corps Boot Camp graduation day is even more consequential if other members of the family in earlier generations also served in the USMC. It may have been dad or an uncle who went through the rigors of training a couple of decades ago. Perhaps the family tradition goes back further to a grandfather. The heritage a family partakes in with the Marine Corps can be very deep indeed. That is why something like this Personalized USMC Marine Corps Stein is a special and thoughtful gift idea for parents.

A Military Beer Stein for the Loyal Marine

Inscribe the marine's name on the glass beer mug along with the date of his graduation from Paris Island or the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. Place the date of their graduation on a second line underneath their first, middle and last name.

Gifts for Professionals is excited to assist you in honoring the Marine who has made this country safer through his service. You'll find more than one hundred Marine Corps Gifts in our catalog and most all of them are ready to be personalized.

Marine Corps Glasses & Mugs

Our extensive glassware collection isn't just for beer mugs and steins. We want to give you the glasses and mugs to stock up your kitchen or the mess hall with and we have a USMC glass for every occasion. Engraved coffee mugs, shot glasses and double old fashioned glasses are all at Gifts for Professionals.

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  • Item#: 39572
  • Price: $ 35.25
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs
  • Material: Glass / Pewter
  • In Stock
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