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U.S. Coast Guard Military Glass Paperweight

U.S. Coast Guard Paperweight

Item#: 30692

The United States Coast Guard defends our coastline. They heroically perform search and rescue missions, fight against drug runners and perform other maritime law enforcement procedures.

Gifts for Professionals salutes our brave men & women in the United States Coast Guard. This Glass Paperweight features a Pewter Emblem of the Seal of the USCG.

Sometimes it is hard to decide on what would be an appropriate Coast Guard Gift. This desk accessory can be used at home or at the desk of anyone in the Coast Guard.

It's also a cherished moment for the person who serves their time in the Coast Guard and then returns to private life. Forever, they could have this handsome desk accessory that reminds them of their glory days in the United States Coast Guard.

  • Item#: 30692
  • Price: $ 28.80
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Allow 4 weeks for delivery. This pewter product is custom made for each order.
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