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U.S. Army White Paperweight

U.S. Army White Paperweight
U.S. Army White Paperweight

Item#: 61607

White Marble Desk Accessory for Military

Introducing our newest way to recognize achievement in the military. Corporate recognition awards are used in Fortune 500 companies and small and medium sized businesses around the country to promote loyalty and generate enthusiasm for greater achievement. Now, there's a new way to bring the spirit of recognition to the military.

Gifts for Professionals introduces The United States Army Paperweight made of pure white marble. It features a recessed opening in which a U.S. Army Medallion fits into perfect.

The overall size of the White Marble Paperweight is 3 inches wide and 3 inches in length. Inside the recessed opening goes our 1.75" Army Medallion which features black, green and yellow colors.

The medallion rests inside the opening and its perfect flush with the marble paperweight.

  • Item#: 61607
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