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U.S. Army Expert Badge

U.S. Army Expert Badge

Item#: 68321


The US Army Expert Weapons Qualification Badge challenge coin commemorates soldiers who have achieved only the highest levels of weapons skill. This Expert Weapons Qualification Badge challenge coin recalls the courage, bravery, and selfless rapid response and skill required of real-time combatants. It shows what you have done with the skills that you developed, and is a great coin to have when you are with your fellow marksmen—challenge them with the coin. If you are family or friends, this makes a great gift for a worthy recipient.

Presented to service members only after successful completion of a weapons qualification course, the US Army Qualification badges are issued for three levels of weapon proficiency: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. All of the weapons for which you were Expert-qualified are displayed on separate bars attached to the lower part of the badge itself.

  • Item#: 68321
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