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Trucker Paperweight

Truck, 18 Wheels Paperweight

Item#: 63534

Keep on Trucking!

Do you know someone who owns a shipping company, a trucking firm, or simply works as a dedicated trucker who gets the job done? This handsome Truck Driver Trucker Paperweight features a glass oval paperweight with a stunning truck in a pewter medallion atop the oval. This trucker paperweight can be engraved directly on the truck with a shipping company name or a name of a trucker who is on the road but comes home to a family on weekends and might head into a man cave or a women's craft room where such a paperweight reminds the trucker of those who care. This 18 Wheeler truck emblem is beautifully detailed and attractively crafted for the finest in paperweights. If purchasing 12 or more with a corporate emblem, contact Gifts for Professionals for discount on custom engraving a logo.

It's time to "keep on trucking" with this fun trucker gift idea.

  • Item#: 63534
  • Price: $ 25.60
  • Dimensions: 3.5"L
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Material: Glass / Pewter
  • Allow 4 weeks for delivery. This pewter product is custom made for each order.

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