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Teamwork Pinnacle of Achievement Award - Medium

Winner - 8.5"

Item#: 59499

Reward the Team Member who Excels

It seems that art sculpture awards are growing in popularity each day, and perhaps it is because each award tells a story without words and offers a measure of creativity in areas that often are so regulated in modern years. Without words, this beautiful art sculpture piece tells a story of an achiever who hands have come together to reach into the skies and achieve the pinnacle of success. Arms cradling around an open space is symbolic of keeping his mind open while his hands are together protecting the ideas and keeping the team unified. That is why this is such an exquisite Teamwork Pinnacle of Achievement Award and one of the latest in the array of art sculpture awards becoming such a popular award item.

Gifts for Professionals invites you to browse the teamwork awards and consider this magnificent award among your choice to honor the team leader. This award has also been a popular choice for unity awards, volunteer of the year awards, and environmental awards.

Available in two sizes -- 8.5" and 10.25"

Sample Text:
For Achieving the
Pinnacle of Success
in Teamwork and Leadership
Dennis Cooper

  • Item#: 59499
  • Price: $ 112.00
  • Dimensions: 2.0"W 8.5"H 4.5"L
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs
  • Material: Art Glass / Crystal
  • In Stock
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