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Teacher Flip Over Photo Album with Apple Emblem

Teacher Flip Over Photo Album with Apple Emblem

Item#: 44404

Gift for Teacher

Teachers might notice the students of today are likely to keep all of their photographs on their computer or phone. Very few people under 25 bother with a photo frame or photo album. But there's something wonderful about sitting in a big comfortable chair or next to someone you love on the sofa and turn the pages of a photo album.

Digital technology is wonderful, but something is being lost. Gifts for Professionals has a photo album for the "old fashioned" (i.e. person who prefers analog) teacher. This brushed silver photo album features an apple on the front. Inside are pages and pages of empty photo sleeves ready to be filled with photographs of the teacher's life, friends, family and students! A total of 96 slots available to fill with memories for the friends and loved ones of that special teacher! 46 pages front and back for a total of 92 pictures. Each page holds one 4" x 6" photograph for a total of 92 pictures in the album! Isn't that great!

Engraved Photo Album

This photo album is one of our best teacher gifts to engrave. There's a good bit of space at the bottom center to engrave teacher's name, school or any short text message!

  • Item#: 44404
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