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Stockbroker Bull and Bear Black Marble Bookends

Gold Bull and Bear Black Marble Stockbroker Bookends

Item#: 63923

Wall Street Knows Its Bulls and Bears!

Wall Street is ready for this and so is your favorite financial advisor! Whether its a bull or a bear day, the struggle continues for your favorite stockbroker to beat the market! Give him this great gift idea - heavy dark black bull and bear marble bookends.

A perfect pair of gold or silver emblem marble bookends for the stockbroker who loves the hustle and bustle of wall street! Let Gifts for Professionals personalize this set with a name or an important date in the Stockbroker's life! The stock broker profession is the only profession that is symbolized by two different animals. In the case of these extremely refined marble bookends, there is an different emblem on each. Other profession use one symbol (a caduceus or scales of justice for example) and the same symbol would be on both bookends. The identical pairing of the same professional emblem is common among most professions in the United States. The Wall Street industry and Stockbroker profession uses an emblem of a Bull and a Bear as their symbol to show the risk and the reward of investing. Right on the symbols of Wall Street is the acknowledgement that there are ups and downs in the world of finance. Perhaps its the most honest emblem of all professional symbols since one of the icons itself reminds you of the risks of investing. Together the Bull & Bear engage in the constant up and down struggle and investors make decisions every day trying to come out on top of both these iconic symbols. More Bull & Bear Wall Street Gifts are just a click away!

Please note: As with all natural products such as marble, there may be imperfections, slight veining and variations in the color. While we do our best to provide the color as photographed, marble is a natural product and variations occur in nature. Please contact us for additional information.

  • Item#: 63923
  • Price: $ 138.65
  • Color:
  • Dimensions: 6.5"H
  • Weight: 13.0 lbs
  • Material: Marble
  • Available in 3-4 Days
Personalization $15

Personalization Location: Under Bull/Bear Emblem

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