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American Flag Sports Award

Sports Flag Award
American Flag Sports Award American Flag Sports Award American Flag Sports Award

Patriotic American Flag Sports Award

Love of one's country and a love of the game is as American as apple pie! Now, we present this American Flag Award which can be engraved with up to three lines for a player, team or mascot name! This resin flag award holds a 2" medallion insert and there are nearly 100 options for every sport!

Marksmen Award

3 different marksman awards are available. Each is an insert that fits into our Sports Flag Award representing a different gun. Choose from a 38 Cal, 45 Cal or 9MM Beretta.

All Sports Male or Female

Female athlete engage in many sports or a male athlete engaged in all around athletics.


Two medallion inserts to celebrate the sport of archery. We have a Male Figure with Bow & Arrow ready to release and then a more general Archery emblem that could be used for male or female.

Auto Racing

Present the winner of the race an award that shows patriotism and the auto steering wheel which lets every racer control the twists and turns on the track as they race to win the trophy!


Our general Baseball Award features two crossed baseball bats, a baseball cap, and catcher's mitt over a baseball diamond. This is the first of our seven award trophies for the baseball player, coach, manager or team.

Baseball Batter

A single male baseball player has taken his place at home plate and is waiting on that fastball from the pitcher. This trophy is great for any baseball player on the team!

Baseball General

Two crossed baseball bats and a catcher's mitt with baseball. Sometimes a sports award is not for the player but for one of the coaches and a more generic design representing the overall game of baseball is preferable a baseball award showing a player in action!

Baseball Male

Several male baseball players in action on the baseball diamond. When giving a baseball sports award to an entire team (rather than an individual player), this flag trophy is idea.

Baseball Swing

Our baseball swing award shows the male baseball batter in full swing and the catcher behind him.

Baseball Batt Cap & Mitt

Everything you need to take the field is featured on this American Flag Baseball Sports Award! The baseball batt, glove, cap and diamond playing field are all represented on this version of our popular baseball trophy.

Baseball Batter & Catcher

The two players that play in closest proximity to each other from opposing teams are the batter and the catcher. The catcher works with the pitcher to make the slugger swing and miss. The slugger takes the plate trying to outsmart the pitcher-catcher duo. Here we show the game in action with a baseball award that shows the batter and catcher on one award.

Basketball Female

The first of our Women's basketball trophies show four female players battling in the air for the chance to score a basket.

Basketball Female #2

Another one of our sports trophies for a women's basketball team or an individual woman or young girl is our duo of players that shows one female aloft in air moving toward the basket while a defensive players attempts to block the score.

Basketball Backboard & Net

A basketball award gift for your best scorer! This award allows for three lines of engraving (as all the others do) and features a 2" medallion showing a player's wrist guiding the ball towards the net. The backboard and net clearly show on this version of our patriotic basketball award.

Basketball with Player Hands

Two hands from to opposing basketball players rise to the height of the backboard and net but the offense clearly the advantage.

Basketball Slam Dunk

It hasn't happened yet, but the slam dunk is less than a second away! We've captured both the ball and the player as they descend in the air towards what could be the winning basket!

Basketball Backboard & Whistle

The basketball coach or a referee might enjoy receiving this award that shows the net, a basketball and a whistle.

Basketball Male Team

Four male basketball players are featured on this patriotic sports award.

Basketball Male Jump

Another version of our basketball award that shows four male figures battling for air supremacy. This award shows the male player who's lifted off towards the net with bended knee in air.

Basketball Male Duo

It's a one on one battle between a male offensive basketball players who's trying to reach the net before his defensive challenger stops him.


Bowling 10 Pin

This bowling trophy inside the flag shows a bowling ball as it strikes the lead pin! Ten pins in all and a scoreboard in the background are visible on this bowling.

Bowling 8 Pin

A slight variation of our bowling award above. This one shows 8 pins after the force of the bowling ball has struck.

Boxing Award

A well defined boxer has taken the ring. This sports trophy shows the boxer with left fist close to the center of his body and his right fist raised ready for action.

Canoeing Award

This is where our diversity and depth of sports awards really shines through. Our commitment to a wide range of athletic activities and competition really is on display on this Canoeing Trophy Award.

Card Playing Award

A sports trophy for your local bridge club or poker group.

Cheerleader Award

At every game cheerleaders get everyone else excited and filled with team spirit. Now its time to cheer the cheerleader.

Crossed Clubs, Golf Trophy Cup and Flag Award

A golf award featuring two crossed golf clubs, a putting green flag and large trophy are all shown on the 2" medallion insert that fits into the flag trophy.

Crossed Rifles Award

Gun ranges and shooting contests are always looking for a way to give recognition to the best shooters with incredible aim. Here our cross rifles award do the job of recognizing the best very well.

Diving Award for Female

A diving award is for female divers who take to the board and gracefully fly through the air downward and into the water.

Diving Award for Male

A men's diver award to recognize males who combine athletic ability with agility and finesse to artfully dive in sports competition.

Fencing Foil Award

The foil is the weapon of attack in fencing competitions and Gifts for Professionals brings this version of our American Flag Award to fencing competitors and competitions.

Fencing General Award

A more generalized Fencing Award shows two foils and a fencing mask.

Field Hockey Female

Football #1

Six football players on the field are shown on this sports trophy award. Three offensive players versus three defensive players face off as the quarterback decides to hold the ball and run.

Football #2

A football award showing two players locked in struggle. The ball carrier is moving down the football field but a defensive lineman is lunging for the runners legs in a last ditch attempt to stop him before he reaches the end zone and scores.

Football #3

An enlarged football is the centerpiece of this football trophy award. Also visible on the gold tone medallion are the goal post and several football players engaged in various struggles on the field.

Football #4

One large football helmet and football make up the heart of this sports award. A generic trophy award not only for players but also for football coaches and referees.

Football #5

Two football helmets in a "face-off" over a football field with referee whistle.

Football #6

This football award shows a runner heading down field for the end zone. Nothing can stop him now!

Football #7

This Football trophy shows the word "Touchdown" with a football and helmet.

Golf Clubs Crossed on Green Award

This golf recognition trophy features two crossed clubs, a golf ball on the green and the flag marker in the background.

Women's Golf Swing Award

Sports recognition award for lady golfers shows a woman who's completed a full swing and driven the golf ball down the fairway.

Golf - Male Golfer on Fairway Award

The classic male golfer is show on this sports recognition award in the middle of the fairway preparing to send the ball towards the green.

Golf - Male Golfer in Full Swing

This man has just driving the ball as far as he can. This flag award includes a two inch gold tone medallion showing the golf club after its met the ball at the end of his swing.

Gymnastics Female

Three female gymnasts are featured on this version of our American Flag Sports Award. Various gymnastic poses are clearly visible on each female figure including those in the foreground and background.

Gymnastics Female #2

Four gymnasts -- all women -- are seen stretching, jumping and preparing to do handstands and a somersault.

Horse Shoe Pitching

A single male figure tosses a horseshoe on this recognition award. Clearly visible are the horseshoe in his right hand about to be released and the other horseshoe he holds in his left hand by his side. Suitable horseshoe trophy for any contest.

Ice Hockey

A recognition award for the ice hockey team as a whole or for the individual player that is adept at gliding across the ice and shooting the puck into the net. Two crossed ice hockey sticks, one ice hockey puck and the net are featured on this trophy.

Jogging / Marathon

Running a marathon is something that takes months of preparation for -- sometimes athletes prepare for years. For a marathon trophy consider this patriotic flag with 2 runners (male & female) running towards their goal -- the finish line!

Karate Award #1

A Karate Award Trophy showing two opponents -- one in a mid-air assault and the other preparing to defend his position.

Karate Award #2

Locked in a struggle these two Karate opponents are fighting to see who will be the winner! Use this Karate Award Trophy for competitions or to give recognition to your best students at your Karate School.

Karate Award #3

Another Karate Trophy showing two players -- one of them in mid-air preparing to deliver a kick. This Karate Award shows the two fighters at a slightly different angle so you see more of the attacker's face and features.

Lacrosse General Sports Award

Male Lacrosse Award Trophy

Female Lacrosse Award Trophy

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