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Crystal Soccer Ball Sports Clock

Soccer Ball Crystal Sports Ball Clock
Soccer Ball Crystal Sports Ball Clock

Item#: 29025

Beautiful Soccer Ball Desk Clock

A beautiful gift that embodies the dynamic sport of soccer. Most of the world calls it "football" but however you refer to the world's most popular sport, you cannot deny this desk clock is a classy decoration that does justice to the game. This crystal sports ball is finely and intricately detailed to match the look of a soccer ball. The only difference, of course, is that we've drilled out the area that holds the gold tone clock face. We think the clear crystal and the gold clock accent each other well. Don't you?

Any gentleman who's passionate about the game of soccer and has exquisite taste will appreciate this if you are looking for a soccer gift for men. Yet, there's something about the beautiful crystal that also makes it an appropriate gift for women too. The bottom line is that if they are a soccer fan and they love their home or office decor to be high end and first class, then they will love this Soccer Ball Gift Clock -- whether they are male or female.

The hallmark of this Crystal Soccer Ball Desk Clock are the bold Roman numerals that make glancing up at the time easy and quick. Second hand quartz movement makes certain time keeping is accurate. So just as you want your soccer referees to keep the scoreboard accurate, we've made certain the current time displaced on the analog clock face is accurate.

This decorative soccer timepiece is called a desk clock. However there is no restriction to where you can place it. The soccer balls have to be kicked into the net at each end of a soccer field but this clock can go anywhere. Put it on the mantel or on one of the shelves of your bookcase. Place it in the lobby of your business or on the night stand beside your bed. It's your soccer clock and the choice is yours!

Gift Ideas for this Soccer Ball Timepiece

You now know this crystal gift is a winner. How about some gift ideas. To whom should you give such a lovely gift? Soccer coaches come to mind. Think how inexpensive this would be if every player chipped in and divided the cost. It would be a trivial expensive to convey to your soccer coach the value of the expertise and guidance given during the soccer coach. The next idea might be obvious. Give this clock to a soccer player. How could you go wrong with this suggestion. But its appeal is not limited to just those directly involved in soccer. Players and coaches are the beginning of the groups of people that would love this sitting in their home or office. There are tens of millions of soccer fans. Surely you know one of them. Surely you know that even a fan would love a beautiful crystal gift that represents on of their biggest passions!

Size: 2.375" in length and 2.375" in width.

Note: If engraving this item, it will be put on a wooden base and a limit of two average lines (such as a name and title) are the limit.

Personalized Soccer Gifts

Special gifts becomes even more special when they are personalized. Why? Because most people put extra thought into a personalized gift. If they are going to give someone a gift and then spend the extra money to inscribe a name, then they've already put more thought into the gift than normal. That's why these personalized soccer gifts are all ideal choices for the fan, player or coach you know.

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  • Item#: 29025
  • Price: $ 38.25
  • Dimensions: 2.0"W 2.0"H
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Material: Crystal
  • In Stock
Personalization $15
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