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Shell Business Card Case

Shell Business Card Case

Whatever Shell Game You Are Up To!

How about a great shell business card holder for any shell game you are up to?! Whether you simply love the look, feel, and flavor of anything and everything that comes from the ocean or simply work for a company with the name shell in it, this shell is for you! Take a closer look at this handsome sea-loving nautical following Shell Business Card Case and you are sure to think you have found the treasures of the sea! A beautiful detailed antique silver shell is three dimensional against the sample zinc alloy metal business card case. The card case opens like a pirate's treasure to find you important business cards which assist you in amassing a treasure of wealth (or at least pay the bills) by giving them out to potential clients and customers.

Growing Trend In Card Cases

A growing trend in card cases and certainly one to enjoy is the trend of card cases saying a little about the carrier's personality. It used to be that all card cases came in conservative colors such as black and navy blue and seldom colors such as lime green and red. In recent years, bright colors have been added to the card case spectrum and, now, card cases also reflect so much more! From funny cases stating the challenges of a woman to leopard print, star cases and more, card cases are now more about the personality of the carrier! It's fun to see the cases that a business person takes from a jacket or pocket. More common nowadays to see fun cases, bright colors, and certainly a splash of personality beyond the card which few card carriers have control over! So, take a closer look at the next card case you see and you are sure to see a little bit of the personality of the carrier... after all, card case styles are now almost unlimited!

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