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Decorative Rectangular Marble Box

Marble Box with Hinged Lid

Item#: 48716

Valuables or Accessories Storage

Having an attractive storage box on your desk gives you an opportunity to keeps the little items out of sight. We're talking about everything from loose change to extra dollar bills to car keys to paper clips. Anything that can be stored inside a handsome trinket box will be one step closer to giving you a clean and neat desktop.

Jet Black Marble Rectangular Box

Black is one of those colors that always look great in any home or office decor. As we introduce this Marble Essentials Box, take a look at how well it would go on your desk no matter what color it is. Black looks great on everything from a walnut desktop to one crafted in fine rosewood.

Box Features Hinged Lid Access

This marble box has hinged lid, so its easy to open but you don't have to worry about lifting the lid totally off of the trinket box and setting it aside.

Multi-Line Inscription

The top of this jet black marble valuables box is flat and smooth. This gives us a lot of room to work with when engraving. Therefore we can engrave your name a little bit larger or we have room for what we call "multi-line engraving" whereby you can have a name, date and special message.

Natural Variations are Inherent in Marble Desk Accessories

Since marble is quarried from the depths of the earth and then polished and cut -- instead of being manufactured -- each marble box is unique. This is less noticeable on a jet black box like this but slight variations in streaks of colors may be noticeable on any marble piece.

  • Item#: 48716
  • Price: $ 55.15
  • Dimensions: 5.0"W 2.0"H 4.25"L
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Material: Jet Black
Personalization $15
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