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Pilot Airplane Cufflinks

Plane Novelty Cufflinks - Felt Box

Item#: 48902

Your pilot is going to fly high with this wonderful silver-plated plane cufflinks. A special professional gift idea from Gifts for Professionals, we know your pilot loves everything about the friendly skies and is proud of his profession -- proud enough to assure his tuxedo includes plane cufflinks. Also makes a special gift idea for the Air Force captain or ground crew who assures those Thunderbirds are flying high!

Airplane Cufflinks are an unusual and unique gift. Let’s face it, when is the last time you saw a pair of very unique cufflinks like these in a men’s clothing store or gift shop that caters to well groomed gentlemen? Chances are you won’t find these unique airplane cufflinks at a mall or chain men’s store. When you want to give him an unusual and unforgettable gift, go with these Airplane Cufflinks.

Silver is the Preferred Color for Cufflinks. Silver has grown in popularity to be the preferred accessory color for gentlemen. Once upon a time gold cufflinks were popular (back in the 80s) but today silver is the way to be stylish but not too flashy. These Silver Cufflinks fit the bill but also give the gentlemen his own personality by tying in his occupation if he’s a pilot or interest if he’s simply fascinated by flight.

  • Item#: 48902
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