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Open Book Rosewood Clock and Frame

Book Clock and Frame

Item#: 56403

An Open Book Clock

To recognize a good performance, clocks are chosen as one of the most popular recognition gifts. Another great gift for recognizing superior employees is frames. Put these two items together and you have the ultimate in a great employee recognition gift, retirement gift idea, or a wonderful gift for the librarian or other bookworm! This great open book is just that... a book style clock featuring an area for a picture on the right and a clock with an engraving plate on the left. Shut the book and the story is a best seller... best selling award, that is! Book measures 7" when wide open and fits a 3" x 5" picture (a plate can be substituted for this picture for a second engraving fee). Measuring 5.5" H and is ready to tell the story of great performance, superior employees, and excellent recognition awards... just like Gifts for Professionals!

  • Item#: 56403
  • Price: $ 95.60
  • Dimensions: 5.5"H 4.25"L
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Material: Rosewood
  • In Stock
Personalization $15
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