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Office Techie Award

Full Color Robot Resin Figurine

Item#: 69969

What Can't that Techie Do!

He's the one who always un-jams the copier... she's the one who always figures out why your printer is printing 25 copies when you asked for five. He's the one who gets the coffee maker working again in a "McGyver" kind of way that the office doesn't actually understand but it keeps them coming back for more!

That's why, among our fun Novelty Awards Gifts for Professionals has a robot award that we call the Office Techie Award. A perfect award for the person who can take a paperclip... and solve the lighting issue... can move the equipment three inches and it suddenly works... can hit the side of the jukebox and it starts to play music (oh wait, wasn't that Fonzie!?).

Whatever your techie is ready to fix, why not fix them up with one of this fun awards... the office techie award! Whatever a robot does in your office needs to be acknowledged and you certainly can have a little fun while doing it!

Browse among the novelty awards and find the perfect award for the employee who makes your office a little more colorful -- just like these awards!

  • Item#: 69969
  • Price: $ 29.45
  • Dimensions: 5.0"H
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Material: Resin
Personalization $15

Personalization Location: Black Plate with Silver Engraving

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