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Navy Submarine Warfare - Officer

Navy Submarine Warfare - Officer

Item#: 68393

In command of the most technologically advanced submarines in the world, those who serve as Officers in the U.S. Navy's Submarine Warfare Division demonstrate exceptional skill and unfailing dedication to duty.

Demonstrating outstanding commitment and uncommon courage, they lead and operate the Navy's attack and ballistic missile submarines. Providing precise direction and superior training to their crew, they navigate their boats through dangerous waters, gathering vital information to support America's global defense priorities. Employing expert knowledge of highly advanced reconnaissance, communication, and propulsion systems, they advance the Navy's mission to maximize its maritime advantage throughout the world.

This coin is dedicated to all U.S. Navy Submarine Officers, whose determined and skillful leadership strengthens the warfighting capabilities of America's Armed Forces.

The obverse features the dolphin insignia of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force minted against an enameled backdrop. Depicted above a submarine on the reverse is a partially furled banner containing the slogan: "The Silent Service."

This coin is struck in a brass alloy and accented with rich enamel highlights on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a descriptive header card that pays tribute to the courage and commitment of the U.S. Navy's Submarine Warfare Officers.

  • Item#: 68393
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  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • This PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK and Restocking Date Is Not Expected Until January 2019.

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