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Mother of An Army Solder Prayer Plaque

An Army Soldier Mother's Prayer

Item#: 69931

A Gift for the Mother Who's Son Is Enlisting

Do you know of a new Army Mom whose son is enlisting and is experiencing all the emotions of the mother in the prayer written by an unknown author?

The Army Mother's Prayer titled "I Give You My Son" is a tender prayer asking for a son's safety as the mother struggles with all the emotions of loving her son and wanting his safety and letting him grow into his own life.

This beautiful 7" x 9" plaque tells the story with tender elegance and a truly moving account. As an Army Mom Gift, it is especially moving to know that the Army Mom you know realizes she is not alone.

Add a name to the bottom of the plaque and make this the personalized gift any Army Mom would love!

The plaque reads:
I held him as an infant; I hugged him as a boy and through the years he has become my greatest pride and joy. I love him more than I can say, his life more precious than my own, but gone are the whims and notions of the little boy whom I had known. For the years have passed so quickly since the time it all began and now he stands before me...the conviction of a man.

He wants to serve his country, he states aloud with pride as I try to sort out the emotions that I'm feeling deep inside. ...a union of uncertain fear, which I cannot control and the allegiance which lies deep within my patriotic soul.

I trust that my years of guidance will serve as a strong foundation as he performs the duties requested from his nation.God please guide him as he travels to the places our soldiers have bled and walk with him through pathways where those heroes' feet have tread.

Oh Sweet Land of Liberty, humbly I give to you, my son
praying you'll return him safely home when his work for you is done."

  • Item#: 69931
  • Price: $ 33.95
  • Dimensions: 7.0"W 9.0"H
  • Weight: 1.39 lbs
  • Material: Wooden
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