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Light Bulb Keychain

Thick Acrylic Mini Light Bulb Shaped Key Chain

Item#: 43100

Electricians Give Us Light

Since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, society has been progressing! It's one of the things that made modern business possible. Think about this fact -- where would the high rise office tower be without lights? Electricians are talented men who are good with tinkering with wires are responsible for all of the lighting in our homes and businesses. Gifts for Professionals salutes the electrician and power companies who assure we have light! We are offering this light bulb keychain as a separate gift for one electrician you know or as a promotional gift for your electrical company and your company name can be added when purchasing in volume.

Promotional Product for Electrical Company

For the electrical company that wires new residential or commercial construction products, Gifts for Professionals provides this ideal promotional product. It's ideal because it is inexpensive and because it's something your clients and customers can use everyday. And, everyday they use it they will see your name and remember the name of your Electrical Repair company.

Is It Easy to Add My Logo to this Keychain?

Yes! That is the simple answer. It's easy but we do need a couple of things from you. We'll need your electrical company logo in the proper format and we'll need about two weeks for the imprint process.

Note: we can do it quicker, but it may require a rush fee.

Gift for Boyfriend or Husband

Women will appreciate that this light bulb keychain is a nice little gift for their boyfriend or husband who's an electrician. Or maybe their special guy is attending a technical college right now to study becoming an electrician. In that case, it's a graduation gift ready to go!

Light Bulb Theme Gift

Keychains, cufflinks and desk accessories might be totally different types of products. But all of them feature at least one gift idea with a light bulb theme for the electrician or the entrepreneur with a bright idea.

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  • Item#: 43100
  • Price: $ 8.40
  • Color:
  • Dimensions: 2.0"W 1.0"H
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs
  • Material: Acrylic
  • In Stock
Personalization $15
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