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Hooah Army Coin

Hooah Army Coin

Item#: 69896

Own the HOOAH challenge coin as the perfect symbol of your connection to the world’s most powerful fighting force.

Though its origin is uncertain, the cry of “Hoo-ah!” is always understood. Heard at every level of the U.S. Army, this two-syllable cry is a word of honor for those committed to defending liberty and freedom.

It can mean everything from “Affirmative!” to “Congratulations Soldier,” but one thing it can never mean is “No.” It reflects the conviction of the men and women who choose to put on a uniform every day, never backing down from a challenge and never resting until America and all her citizens are safe.

Unite with warriors everywhere and put the power of “Hooah!” in your pocket today.

The obverse shows the bold words “HOOAH,” encircled by the text “One word that sums up the power of the Army, 1775” The reverse of the coin shows the U.S. military personnel standing ready.

  • Item#: 69896
  • Price: $ 25.30
  • Weight: 0.15 lbs
  • Material: Brass Antique with Enamel
  • In Stock

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