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Gunner Up Army Coin

Gunner Up Army Coin

Item#: 64883

“Gunner Up!” is the cry when the enemy closes in on the convoy, so that your fellow soldier can shift topside to lay down the extra firepower. This coin honors every soldier who battles great evil to protect their brothers from danger. When your brother-in-arms call for “Gunner Up!” you know it’s time to rock and roll. Insurgents beware, the heavy guns are coming out, and if you’re in the way, it’s going to end very badly for you. Give this coin as the perfect gift or reminder for the warriors of our United States Army.

Since its inception, the Army has consistently confronted and defeated the forces of tyranny throughout the world, gaining a reputation as the world's ultimate defender of liberty. Comprised of tough-minded and skilled warriors willing to answer the call to arms at moment's notice, the U.S. Army stands prepared at all times to bear any burden in the pursuit of victory. With overwhelming force and unyielding resolve, the soldiers of the U.S. Army carry the cause of freedom to the far reaches of the globe, pursuing America's enemies with trademark tenacity.

Minted in the USA from solid bronze, using special deep-relief coining dies, and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, this coin is dedicated to the tough fighting spirit and proud brotherhood of the United States Army. The obverse depicts a battle hardened soldier, rough and ready for a fight, wielding his trusty ‘Ma Deuce’ M2 Machine Gun. The reverse displays the symbol of the United States Army.

  • Item#: 64883
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