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Golf Ball Nameplate with Clock, Card Holder & Pen Set

Golf Ball Clock Nameplate with Card and Pen

Item#: 60031

It's Just About Everything A Golfer Needs!

We aren't sure where to begin! This golfer's gift idea is a dream gift for the busy golf executive who is always trying to find a little time to play golf. This desktop nameplate has it all and a little bit more! Take a closer look at this piano finished wooden nameplate. Of course, it is a great nameplate with a golf ball situated on the top... but look closer. Behind the golf ball is a clock as a handy way for the busy golf executive to watch for his tee time as he listens to those staff talk on and on (see insert picture for the back of the nameplate). Then, there is a card holder as part of the name plate! Fits a few dozen cards in it and also assures the golfer's desktop is neat and those business cards are handy and in place. But there is more (can you believe it)? There is also a pen holder (pen included) to assure those tee off times are written down (and the meetings of course)! It's just too much to believe! An all in one golfer's desktop accessory which is both beautiful and handy for the golfer who loves playing the game and working as a hobby inbetween games!

A great golf gift for the boss who loves golf gifts!

  • Item#: 60031
  • Price: $ 105.00
  • Dimensions: 2.25"W 9.0"H 9.0"L
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Material: Piano Finish Wood / Brass
Personalization $15
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