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Gold Crossed Golf Club Golf Bookends

Gold Golf Club Golf Bookends

Item#: 63919

Golf Gifts Are Always A Hole In One!

Don't take a shot in the dark when its time to find a great gift idea for the golfer unless you are considering these amazing dark black marble bookends for the golfer... or should we say "fore" the golfer!

Take a closer look at this set of Crossed Golf Club Golf Bookends and you will see a shiny set of golf golf clubs crossed with a golf ball at the top. The pair has matching designs on both sides your shelf is decorated both coming and going... and that's great!

Use these bookends in that office or home study when you want to decorate around the golfer and his or her love of the game of golf. Browse among other golf accessories to decorate a home or office with a theme of golf that never seems to go out of style!

Add a name or a short message under the clubs on this set of golf clubs and Gifts for Professionals will engrave directly into the marble. If the message is over 12 words, a plate will be added to assure readability.

These great golf club bookends are also available in a few other styles so pick your favorite and assure you get the decorating done right. After all, nothing is too good "fore" the golfer... go green... go golf club marble bookends!

  • Item#: 63919
  • Price: $ 99.95
  • Dimensions: 3.5"W 6.5"H 4.0"L
  • Weight: 13.8 lbs
  • Material: Marble / Metal
  • Available in 3-4 Days
Personalization $15
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