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Silver Dollar Sign Lapel Pin

Dollar Sign Lapel Pin - Banker's Gift

Item#: 31500

Banker or Accountant Dollar Sign Gift Idea

This Silver Dollar Sign Lapel Pin is a great gift idea for the Banker or Accountant! For those of us who sometimes think we see dollar signs... beware! You may actually being seeing them! Check out this attractive lapel pin dollar sign in silver finish. Measuring 3/4" with a push pin style clasp on the back, it makes a great addition to any lapel. Available in silver only. A great gift idea to give bankers, customers opening accounts and certified public accountants who all know how to make dollar signs appear for us!

Also see our entire line of lapel pins and other corporate gifts including a growing sign of dollar sign gift ideas from paperweights to magnetic sculptures. Maybe your own dollar signs can grow as fast as our growing line of dollar sign gift ideas for the banker who see dollar signs every day!

Dollar Sign Corporate Gifts

More Dollar Sign Corporate Gifts for bankers, accountants, and anyone working in financial services. Most of these Dollar Sign Desk Accessories & Gifts are ready for engraving. Make these into personalized gifts today!

  • Item#: 31500
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