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Deluxe Leather Business Card Holder

Prestige Leather Business Card Holder

Item#: 55672

Mega Sized Leather Card Holder for Desk

Professionals seem to fall into the habit of using the same types of desk accessories as everyone else at the office. There seems to be an accepted notion of just going with the flow and not spending a little extra money on organizers for your desk that will make your bosses notice you have style. Upper management is always looking to see which of their employees dress the nicest, have the nicest briefcases and accessories and have the nicest looking desk.

By shopping for card holders and other desk accessories outside of the big box office supply houses, you will find more interesting ways to personalized your office. This mega-sized leather card holder is an example of the type of "unique piece" you can find online and especially at Gifts for Professionals.

For the mega business, why not have a mega-size card holder? This business card holder measures 1.75" deep and is ready to get to work holding lots of those cards! This sturdy holder has a cut out in front for better visibility and easy distribution. Increase your business by assuring your card holder is never empty!

This large card holder is made of full grain napa leather and its one of our many leather desk accessories. It measures 4.5" W x 2.25" H. In quantity orders of 25 or more, Gifts for Professionals can foil stamp a logo on either side of the dip in the middle of the holder. Otherwise sold blank with no engraving available at this time. Available in black only.

  • Item#: 55672
  • Price: $ 21.00
  • Dimensions: 4.5"W 1.75"H
  • Material: Leather
  • In Stock

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