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Personalized Glass Stein Gift for Doctor

Caduceus Medical Theme Doctor's Drinking Stein

Item#: 39274

Engraved Caduceus Stein

Let Gifts for Professionals prescribe one of our doctor gifts for the upcoming medical school graduate or the longtime physician! Doctors love our handsome selection of practical and decorative gift ideas! Some doctors use our gifts at home away from the daily stress while others enjoy decorating their office with our caduceus items.

Cheers to the medical profession and doctor who likes a refreshing beer after a tough day with cranky patients and crazy insurance companies! This personalized glass mug has a pewter caduceus medical symbol. A perfect gift idea for your dedicated doctor friend or for a great gift for the physician who has been literally life-saver for you!

More About the Caduceus Symbol

Anyone who has attended medical school or even visited a doctor's office or a hospital has seen the Caduceus. If features a wand with a spherical top and wings. Two serpents are intertwined around the length of the wand. It has been the symbol of the US Army Medical Corps for more than 100 years and is a fairly predominant symbol in the U.S. Healthcare industry.

Why This Caduceus Glass Stein is Unique

Buying a glass as a medical school graduation or doctor gift with a caduceus is relatively easy. Most of these glasses, though, have the symbol laser etched onto the glass leaving the symbol as a white imprint. Nothing is wrong with this type of approach to engraving a doctor gift. But for something more distinctive, you want a glass stein like this. The doctor's caduceus is spin cast into a pewter emblem and set inside a horizontal oval shape. The emblem is flawlessly curved to match the glass. The silver color of pewter really stands out on the clear glass much more than a laser (white) etch would. When the medical professional is very special and you want something more than the lowest common denominator, then choose a first-class, high-quality personalized glass stein like this one for the doctor in your life.

Personalization via Diamond Drag Engraving Across the Glass

The final icing on the cake for this glass mug is when it is engraved. In a perfect world, we could spin cast in pewter the doctors name and make it part of the emblem. This is not practical from a time nor cost perspective. But the next best thing is as good as an "apple a day" and it is known as "diamond drag engraving."

Diamond drag engraving puts the tip of a cutting blade directly onto the glass and we engrave the name of a medical professional into the glass leaving an etched name. This does not add a "white" color (which occurs with lasering). Here, the diamond drag is a bit more subtle and looks more elegant.

Matching Caduceus Glassware

The home of a doctor is for relaxing and entertaining. Few people appreciate the stress and pressure that is on a modern day physician. It's ironic since so many ailments that patients seek relief from are brought on by stress. But for a doctor, there is nothing like having a family dinner at home or entertaining friends and acquaintances. These barware glass items enhance the home of men and women who've worked hard to be the best doctor possible!

  • Item#: 39274
  • Price: $ 31.40
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Material: Glass / Pewter
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