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Bull & Bear Single Pen Stand

Bull and Bear Stockbroker's Round Marble Pen Stand

Item#: 61978

A Stockbroker Pen Stand for the Desktop

Imagine your favorite stockbroker receiving a kind thank you gift in the form of this attractive and affordable Bull and Bear Stockbroker's Round Marble Pen Stand. Always a favorite accessory for the financial advisor and stockbroker, a bull and a bear together mean that that stock market is going to balance out in your favor!

This round marble pen stand with a silver funnel pen (refills available) features that dueling duo of the bull and pear. Two emblems made of pewter, this bull and bear pen stand is sure to look handsome among the other stockbroker accessories your favorite money manager keeps handy around his or her office.

Consider giving this stockbroker gift idea as a thank you for stocks well invested or as a gift idea for the retiring member of the financial advisor firm. Why not get this bull and bear for yourself? After all, you work hard to keep those wild animals in check... might as well keep a close eye on them too!

Browse among the wide selection of bull and bear gift ideas ready to add to your stockbroker office decor!

  • Item#: 61978
  • Price: $ 37.75
  • Dimensions: 3.5"W 8.5"H
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Material: Marble / Metal
  • In Stock

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