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Brass Reception or Desktop Bell

Reception Bell bronzed

Item#: 52865

Give Your Customers A Way to Summon You!

With a pleasant chime, its namesake was always ready for use at the Inn's front desk or at your office's receptionist area. Its shape and design dates this imposing bell back to Colonial times and was used to call innkeepers to the front desk just as it is used today. This attractive oversized brass bell has a wood hand-turned base and makes a loud and clearful "dink" as it calls you to the front desk of your colonial inn, your office or your quant store. This Brass Desk Bell continues to be popular and is also used for fun games, contests and to start a race or a test. A perfect gift idea for the teacher who needs to get the students attention too!

While we would love to personalize this bell, we could only add a plate to the bottom so, if you want a plate added to the bottom of this bell, call us for special handling. Otherwise, place this bell order online for fast shipment and a fun gift!

  • Item#: 52865
  • Price: $ 26.55
  • Dimensions: 4.25"W 5.25"L
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Material: Brass / Wood
  • In Stock

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