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BitCoin Desktop Magnetic Sculpture

Bit Coin Desktop Magnetic Sculpture
Bit Coin Desktop Magnetic Sculpture

Item#: 71070

BitCoin Revolution is Here!

This desktop magnetic sculpture features metal pieces in the shape of the Bitcoin symbol that has rocked the financial world recently. Last year, Bitcoin reached nearly $20,000 per digital coin just a few years after being worth less than $1 each. This desktop toy is for crypto exchanges, individual investors or fans of the blockchain future. Change is coming and by having this fun desk accessory in your office you will show that you are well versed and ready for the Bitcoin revolution!

When ordering one personalized, a gold plate will be added to the 1" base area on the side. When purchasing 50 or more, there will be one set up charge and a reduced fee for the item with personalization included. Check out your options today! We have lots of magnetic sculpture items! Our Bitcoin items are growing too!

  • Item#: 71070
  • Price: $ 16.80
  • Dimensions: 3.5"W 1.0"H 3.5"L
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs
  • Material: Metal / Plastic
  • In Stock

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