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American Flag Archery Trophy Award

American Flag Archery Trophy Award

The perfect award for the Archery contest is our American Flag Archery Trophy. The engraving plate attached to the bottom of the Archery Award has room for three lines. This allows you to inscribe the winner's name, contest name or competition and the date.

Sample Engraving for this Archery Award might be:

Stephen Abernathy
Palm Springs Archery Tournament
July 5, 2012

There are two ways to present this Engraved Archery Award. You can wait until the contest is complete, and then order it as an engraved gift. Or you can order the item prior to the contest and have the winner's name engraved after the fact. This allows you to PRESENT the award during a recognition ceremony. Here are some ways you could present the award:

  • 1. Order the award without engraving, and have the winner's name engraved locally on the award platefor same day presentation with the Archery Marksman's name.
  • 2. Order the award engraved with a general engraved like "Archery Award Winner" and then later an engraving plate could be sent to the winner that included their name.
  • 3. Order the award and arrange in advance with a local engraver for them to inscribe the metal plate.

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