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1st Armored Division Engraved Coin

1st Armored Division Engraved Coin

Item#: 68441

The oldest and most prestigious armored division in the Army, "Old Ironsides" was first activated in July 1940 and was the first American armored division to see combat, achieving victory in North Africa as part of Operation Torch before rumbling into Italy. Units of the 1st were a part of the US Constabulary in Germany, earned citations during Vietnam, crushed all Iraqi opposition during Operation Desert Storm, and enforced the ceasefire in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. As an essential part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 1st secured the roughest Baghdad neighborhoods and hunted down Iraq's deadliest insurgents.

The inspiration for the division's name comes from the famed US Navy fighting ship, the USS Constitution, the first "Old Ironsides," but the power of the 1st comes from the metal it thrusts into enemy territory.

This coin is minted in high-relief brass alloy with an antique bronze finish and is enameled selectively to highlight the emblem of the 1st Armored Division. It is dedicated to the men who have fought across the globe to secure freedom and security for Americans and others. The extraordinary detail achieved in this coin is due to the splash minting process, use of extra thick blanks, and the use of very detailed high-relief dies. The result is a coin with such detail and power that it will be cherished possession for any owner.

  • Item#: 68441
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