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Crystal Award Globes

While working for an international company, employees will become tomorrow's leaders when you encourage them for demonstrating traits that lead to success. For those who have those traits, employee recognition can transform them in time into leaders within the company. International companies have no better choice for recognition than these Crystal Award Globes.

Crystal Globe Key Ring In Stock

$7.35 Item# 71024


Crystal Globe Paperweight In Stock

$32.95 Item# 52160


It's one of the smaller crystal award globes with a diameter measuring 3.25". Even with its small size, Gifts for Professionals has the ability to engrave a name or short message for a minimum charge. When ordering more than two dozen globes, contact customer service for discount availability.

Crystal Award Plaque with Concave Globe In Stock

$68.00 Item# 31120


A standing crystal plaque with embedded world globe. Ample room for several lines of text including employee name, company name, title, and the name of the achievement such as "Salesman of the Year." A company logo can also be engraved in place of company name.

Personalized Plaques

4" Crystal World Globe In Stock

$35.00 Item# 65756


If motivating the team is the goal, then Crystal Award Globes will do the trick. One individual globe for one team member or purchase in bulk for everyone. 4" diameter globe features frosted continents.

Crystal Globe Bottle Stopper In Stock

$9.50 Item# 56450

It's the most affordable of all our Crystal Globe Awards and is priced at under $10. While many large companies go with more expensive options to show the importance of the award occasion, this is an appropriate choice if you're looking for corporate gifts with the company logo that are going to be given to dozens or hundreds of people!

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Optical Crystal Globe Recognition Award - 6" In Stock

$163.85 Item# 55039


How useful are crystal globes as incentives? Very useful! Businesses with customers or vendors on multiple continents or in multiple time zones will love this one! Designed as our medium-sized crystal globe, this piece stands atop a slightly slanted base where corporate logos or other personalized engraving may go.

Crystal Bull and Globe Stockbroker Award In Stock

$84.35 Item# 59632


The raging bulls are taking over Wall Street and the World in this Crystal Award representative of the stockbroker industry. This charging bull is moving into unknown territory and profits are going higher and higher!

Stockbroker Gifts

Crystal Globe Desk Pen Stand In Stock

$59.95 Item# 29873


A desk accessory that also doubles as an employee recognition gift. This crystal desk accessory features a writing instrument, pen holder and a globe mounted on crystal. It's 7" wide and intensifies the professionalism of any well decorated business environment.

Desk Pen Stands

Rotating Ring Around the World Crystal Globe Award In Stock

$133.00 Item# 61483


Unusual and unique is a good start to describing this Crystal Award Globe. Often times, a lower level staff member will be tasked with finding a suitable personalized gift. Sometimes they'll be given an idea like find an award in the shape of a globe, etc. And while locating these types of designs is relatively simple, it's a bit more difficult to find a unique crystal piece for the global company.

We believe this is one of the most unique Crystal Award Globes you going to ever find with its Ring Around the World design element.

Optical Crystal 2.375" Optical Globe on Cube In Stock

$28.75 Item# 64385


There's so many ideas today about recognition policies and what makes the most effective program. One thing is clear -- repetition must be the cornerstone of your employee recognition program. Finding an award piece that can be used on an ongoing effort is key and a small desktop globe award is always a good choice for the medium to large size company with multiple branches.

Hands Cradling the World Globe Crystal Award In Stock

$280.80 Item# 55001


The Hands Cradling the World Globe Crystal Award is a significant recognition award for volunteers, social workers, church and peace organizations. This award is also special for those who work for international peace and unity. It is popular for those who have corporations that work around the world since your business has the world in its hands. Perhaps the most special use for this world continues to be for those who work in peace and justice around the world. It assures they are cradling the entire world in their hands as they work for the bettering of those in the worldwide family.

It is a beautiful crystal award sure to please so many dedicated employee or volunteer at their retirement or awards ceremony. With its detailed front of the globe inside the hands and the flat back assuring it is not too heavy, this award is one of the most popular humanitarian awards offered by Gifts for Professionals and we are proud of the many fine organizations who use it to recognize the best of the best.

It is fundamental for firms to honor hard workers who show diligence and resolve in accomplishing their job description. Gifts for Professionals helps you instill allegiance in your employees with our personalized awards, trophies and prizes.

This commendation award measures 6.5" H and 5" W. Let Gifts for Professionals add that special message to the imprint area that means so much to your organization. With a large imprint area on this crystal award, it is sure to send the perfect message to that perfect recipient.

3.5" Crystal Globe Recogntion Award In Stock

$48.00 Item# 60194


4.5" Crystal Globe Recogntion Award In Stock

$56.00 Item# 60195


Drawing on our years of experience in the recognition industry, our team of engravers are ready to etch your company logo representing your worldwide brand into this lovely Crystal Award Globe. One of the greatest pleasures of management is to say to those under your supervision, "Job Well Done!"

Crystal Sphere Globe on Clear Crystal Base In Stock

$77.00 Item# 64960


Beautiful and made in a slightly different way than our other crystal award globes. This sphere is tilted to represent that tilt of our planet and its mounted at the North & South poles on the globe. As usual, frosted continents are the norm. The globe stands on a silver bottom and that itself is then mounted on another crystal piece where engraving goes.

Globe on Sphere Tower Award In Stock

$155.45 Item# 64958


Optical Crystal Globe Column Award In Stock

$119.95 Item# 31115


Crystal Globe Award In Stock

$212.55 Item# 63612


Tower with Columns Globe Crystal Award In Stock

$181.25 Item# 54868


A Towering Crystal Award Globe, literally! Here the 4" diameter globe rests atop a tower which is distinctive due to the beautiful blue accent color at the foundation. Even the towering pillars rest atop a rectangle award base ready for engraving the perfect employee recognition message! Overall height is 11.5"

Global Success World Achievement Award

This Global Success World Achievement Award comes in three great sizes. This award with its inverted triangle, offers great contrasting crystal shapes. It has a round base and a round globe at the top to achieve a global balance! Certainly a great award on its own, the variety of sizes give it an additional appeal for awards that need runner-up winners or various achievement categories. Choose your design, add that special message and allow Gifts for Professionals to add your logo (additional logo charge applies) and that unique message for your world-class winner who achieves tasks requiring global leadership skills!

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