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Personalized Waste Paper Baskets

Gifts for Professionals brings you a line of Executive Waste Paper Baskets for your office, conference room or lobby! These are the finest waste baskets available for the professional organization and make professional executive gifts. When you're shopping for an elegant waste basket (and not a trash can).... Gifts for Professionals has you covered!

Mocha Leather Square Waste Basket

$208.75 Item# 30869


Elegant office decor includes every last detail. When executives consider decorating a new executive suite, the trash can is usually the last thing that is considered. But why not start your decorating theme with this mocha leather waste basket. Decorate the desktop with similar small leather desk accessories and you'll have the look and impression of a high powered corporate success!

This decorative waste paper basket features a 14 quart capacity. Made from Top-Grain Leather with protective velveteen on the bottom and leatherette interior lining.

Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 12

Chocolate Brown Leather Square Waste Basket

$199.25 Item# 30867


Customers and prospects will form an instant impression of you when they enter your workplace. The best desk accessories and decorative pieces should be chosen thoughtfully. Many people don't think of an executive trash can as a "desk accessory." But even though it sits underneath the desk, its an important companion through the day. It's where you discard those "to do list items" and their accompanying paperwork after they are done.

This leather decorative waste basket stands 12" tall and features tone on tone stitching. The exterior is crafted from top grain leather, the interior features leatherette and the bottom is designed from protective velveteen.

Black Crocodile Leather Waste Paper Basket

$196.15 Item# 30870


Decorative Waste Paper Baskets are for those climbing the corporate ladder. You may be on the first rung or already at the top, but either way, you office has to look top drawer! This Black Croc Leather Trash Can from Gifts for Professionals disposes of your paper waste in a debonaire manner. Exterior designed from Black Crocodile Embossed Leather with leatherette interior and protective velveteen on bottom. Stands 12" high and measures 9.5" in width and length.

Chocolate Brown Leather 32 Quart Waste Basket

$285.15 Item# 69709

Chocolate Brown Leather 32 Quart Waste Basket Top-Grain Leather Upper Rim Over Twice the Capacity of Standard Square Waste Basket (A3403) Fits 13-gallon Kitchen Trash Bags.

Classic Black Leather 32 Quart Waste Basket

$285.15 Item# 69567

Classic Black Leather 32 Quart Waste Basket Top-Grain Leather Upper Rim Fits 13-gallon Kitchen Trash Bags

Executive Leather Trash Can

$189.75 Item# 25871


As an professional, your office should look neat and tidy. Even your trash should be stored elegantly until removed from your office. With that in mind, Gifts for Professionals brings you this top quality. It's a square shape and this wastebasket measures 9.5" on all four sides and 12" high.

Rustic Brown Rustic Leather Square Waste Basket

$188.70 Item# 30853


Executive Waste Paper Baskets don't look any better than this! Designed in a rustic brown top grain leather with white accent stitching, this piece stands 12" tall and holds a 16 quart capacity. That's a lot of files sent to File #13! Made in India!

Walnut & Leather Waste Basket

$196.15 Item# 69708

Choosing the right executive waste paper baskets isn't always easy when you want a top quality trash can. Office product stores don't usually carry the high end stuff like you find here at Gifts for Professionals. As 2017 begins, we are proud to introduce this Walnut & Leather Decorative Waste Basket which holds a 14 quart capacity, stands 12" high and is made from genuine leather, African rosewood and protective velveteen (on bottom).

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