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Army Keychains

Rotary engraving turns these into Personalized Army Keychains.

U.S. Army Military Keychain In Stock

$12.30 Item# 39203


This pewter Army Keychain featuring the phrase "This We'll Defend" and 1775, the year America's first fighting force took shape in the months before the Declaration of Independence was issued. There's a lot of history and symbolism represented by this piece and all of our U.S. Army Keychains.

U.S. Army Keychain

$18.60 Item# 65164


Imagine giving a gift that goes with you everywhere! That's the great thing about a special gift such as a keyring. Wherever the recipient goes, you are going along too! Then add to the fact, it is a wonderful U.S. Army Keychain and you have a special gift idea for the devoted Army men and women who serve proudly in the services! This key chain is cast in solid fine pewter and is detailed on both sides with the U.S. Army insignia. Upgraded with a flat polished split ring. Made in USA.

Consider giving this handsome and beautifully made U.S. Army Key Ring as a special gift idea.

If needing personalized, Gifts for Professionals can add a silver tag to it and add the name or short message of your choice. Although, we have to admit, this keyring is just pretty awesome all on its own!

Army Whistle Keychain

$19.20 Item# 65670


One of our most unique Army Keychains is this whistle which has the seal of the U.S. Army detailed on the side in pewter.

Army Whistle Keychain

$19.85 Item# 65671


A variation of our standard Army Whistle Keychain, this one is the same but its enhanced with Army green background on the seal. Ready to be engraved and transformed into a personalized Army gift.

I Love My Soldier Key Ring

$5.20 Item# 70175

Proud Army Mom Key Ring

$5.20 Item# 70179

Proud Army Sister Keychain

$5.20 Item# 70172

Proud Army Wife Key Ring

$5.20 Item# 70173

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