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Trucker Gifts

Gifts for Professionals brings you some unique gift ideas for the hard-working, long distance driving trucker! On this page find Personalized Truck Driver Gifts ranging from keychains to clocks and much more.

Trucker Christmas Ornament In Stock

$10.30 Item# 64707

Truck Driver Fun Magnetic Sculpture In Stock

$16.80 Item# 70837

Metal Truck Shaped Key Ring In Stock

$10.80 Item# 43071


Truck Tire Business Card Holder In Stock

$18.75 Item# 71131

Four Tire Coaster Set In Stock

$32.45 Item# 59856


Trucker's Fun Tire 4-Port USB Hub In Stock

$17.95 Item# 71138

Trucker Auto Visor Clip

$8.85 Item# 64696

Truck Christmas Ornament

$19.85 Item# 66423

One of our practical gifts for truckers, this home decorative accessory will help make your home a more festive place during December while you celebrate Christmas and the blessing of having a great paying trucking job!

Truck Flask

$37.80 Item# 66434


Truck Travel Mug

$32.00 Item# 66432


Engraved Awards for Truckers

Reward your transportation company's best drivers with one of our engraved awards designed especially for the hard working, safe driving trucker. These are all semi-truck shaped gifts. You can also consider giving any of our Personalized Crystal Awards and engraving the trucker's name, company and years of service.

Semi Truck Clocks

Clocks are ideally suited to be given as gifts for long haul truckers. You can engrave his name and the years of service he's spent on the road earning money for his family. This type of personalized gift will mean so much to the long haul truck driver.

Metal Container Clock

Trucker Mini Clock
$44.95 - Item# 45892

Bob Tail Truck Clock

Bob Tail Truck Clock
$14.30 - Item# 68730

Mini Truck Clock

Mini Truck Clock
$18.00 - Item# 68728

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