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Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts

Find the best teacher appreciation gifts at Gifts for Professionals! We have a larger variety of teacher gifts including teacher apple gifts and teacher appreciation mugs. No matter what type of gift idea you are shopping for, you will find it at Gifts for Professionals! We have a special appreciation for America's teachers and we encourage you to give them your thanks frequently! Also shop for the best Coach Gifts, Bus Driver Gifts and Librarian Gift Ideas!
Bus Lapel Pin
Bus Driver Lapel Pin
$4.20 Item# 31520
Crystal Apple Award on Smoke Base
4" Crystal 3D Clear Apple
4" Crystal Apple with Stem
$38.50 Item# 65065
Murano Style Glass Red Apple
Glass Red Apple
$27.35 Item# 63455
Wings & Wishes Angel Pin - Teacher
Golden Apple Crystal Award
Golden Apple Crystal Award
$96.60 Item# 60488
Red Teacher's Apple Award
Red Apple Award
$57.75 Item# 67512
Top of the Class Apple
Teacher's Glass Red Apple
$39.20 Item# 67501
Red Apple with Gold Leaf
Red Apple Award Paperweight
$30.85 Item# 48654
Reception Bell bronzed
Golden Apple Award Plaque
Golden Apple Award Plaque
$60.60 Item# 64341
Drama Masks Pin
Principals Award Scholastic Trophy, 6"
Teacher with Apple Lapel Pin
Teacher - Just a Job Mug
Piano with Ballerina Music Box
Piano Music Box
$20.00 Item# 67536
Red Apple Award Plaque
Big Red Apple Award Plaque
$60.30 Item# 64342
Crystal Apple Award on Black Base
Born to Teach Gift Mug
Born to Teach Gift Mug
$17.00 Item# 63408
Apple-Books Keyring

Classroom Decor

Help your teacher decorate your classroom. Jazz up that old schoolhouse with some unique decorations suitable to learning!

School Fan Pull

$9.00 Item# 53098

Teacher Assistant Gifts

For the dedicated Teacher Assistant who helps grade papers and keep the lesson plans organized comes these Teacher Assistant Gifts.

Teacher Apple Awards

For the teacher, an Engraved Award starts with an apple. See several designs of beautiful Teacher Apple Awards from Gifts for Professionals.

Crystal Apple with Black Base

$100.50 Item# 55073


The health industry, the food industry and the education profession are three that utilize crystal awards in the shape of an apple. The optical crystal apple sits atop a black 4" x 4 1/2" award base.

Teacher Apple Desk Accessories

Teacher Theme Desk Accessories designed with an apple, chalkboard or school house theme! The teacher can keep their desk neat and tidy or stay productive with these occupation desk accessories designed for the educator.

Music Teacher Gifts

For the music teacher who loves teaching scales, the Treble & Bass Clefs and everything thats required to put in a good performance comes these Teacher Gifts. [Music Gifts]

Engraved Piano Cufflinks

$22.50 Item# 54129


Beautiful silver tone piano cufflinks. These can be a special music recital gift for him.

Brass Black Ballpoint Treble Clef Music Pen In Stock

$23.10 Item# 52207


This Treble Clef music symbol in three dimension adorns this black ballpoint pen in silver. The musical note pen is a great music teacher gift, student music graduate or just someone who appreciates that music makes life better!

Keyboard Case Case In Stock

$25.50 Item# 58238


Stainless Steel Business Card Cases for piano players, keyboardists, organists or piano instructors. This card cases celebrates music. Inside cover engraving.

Musical Notes Music Award In Stock

$25.60 Item# 61633


Teacher Apple Pins

Apple pins are very popular among lower school and middle school teachers. Consider these teacher pins for the next special occasion. It's appropriate on a teacher birthday, the first day back from summer, Christmas, Teacher's Week or even the last day of school! [Lapel Pins]

Red Apple Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.80 Item# 49604

Teacher Keychains

Give them a teacher keychain to say thanks for teaching and helping others learn. Each and every day, when teacher leaves for school, they will see this keychain and remember what a thoughtful gift it was. [Personalized Keychains]

Round Apple Keyring In Stock

$7.25 Item# 52271


Teacher Tote Bags

At Gifts for Professionals, we have an impressive selection of Tote Bags for professional women. But here we present our Theme Teacher Tote Bags designed especially for the teacher to carry her books and class preparation materials to and from school!

Book Awards

Engraved Book Awards & Timepieces for the teacher, principal, high school counselor or anyone who promotes learning and education.

Deluxe Large Open Book Clock

$138.00 Item# 59520


Suitable to give as a Librarian of the Year Award, this open book clock allows room for a 5x7 photograph. It is made of hand-rubbed rich mahogany finish with a beautiful gold face quartz clock with second hand. Your search for occupation specific librarian gift ideas is complete here at Gifts for Professionals. This award closes, just like a book, and opens to express a volume of well wishes and thanks!

Teacher Apple Paperweights

These apple paperweights come in two colors. Clear crystal and glass paperweights are the most popular but the bright red apples are quite beautiful and every teacher would be proud to show these on their desk!

Glass Apple with Frost Leaf In Stock

$45.00 Item# 52133


Optical Crystal Apple Award Paperweight In Stock

$49.00 Item# 60277


Simplicity! This crystal apple is engaging in its design, even including the stem. This apple can be personalized directly on the side. Weighs 1.7 lbs.

Dimensions: 2.88"W 3.13"H

Optic Crystal Smooth Apple Paperweight

$38.75 Item# 54167


An apple a day might keep the doctor away but try keeping him away from this great apple paperweight. The medical practice that wants to encourage a healthy diet and inspire patients to eat more fruits and vegetables could display this apple paperweight in its waiting room.

Dimensions: 3.5"W

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