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Success Series Crystal Award in 6 Colors

The Success Series is a set of 6 different awards. They all share the same size and dimensions and rise to 6" in height. What sets them apart are the accent color of the border of these awards. Discover variety with our Success Series.

Amber Crystal Award

$174.50 Item# 69202


The Amber Success Series Crystal Award stands out as something different. Among the hundreds of crystal pieces at Gifts for Professionals, clear optical crystal mixed with an amber accent is rare indeed. Beautiful!

Black Crystal Award

$174.50 Item# 69203


This award has a substantial feel to it. With its black accented border, the optical crystal is ready for engraving of any corporate recognition milestone.

Green Crystal Award

$190.35 Item# 69205


Discover variety is the theme of our Success Series award design. The green base on this piece suit it perfectly for environmental themed recognition ceremonies.

Success Series - Blue Crystal Award

$174.50 Item# 69204


The blue combined with the clear crystal makes a statement of elegance. The color theme may be most appropriate for Police Officer Awards. Retirement or promotional gifts at the county Sheriff's Department is another possibility. Of course, it can be used in any industry.

Police Officer Gifts

Purple Crystal Award

$141.00 Item# 69206


Purple is a color you don't find often in the hunt for Optical Crystal Awards. Our Clear Engravable Award with Purple is going to make your presentation ultimately unique!

Success Series - Red Crystal Award

$141.00 Item# 69207


Any industry can utilized this crystal award. The red makes it ideal for fire departments, EMS providers and blood banks to use in their employee recognition programs.

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