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Small Leather Goods for Home

Small Leather Goods for Home

Leather Coasters

Leather Drink Coasters are an upscale home decorative accessory. Consider debossing your Street # onto these coasters for the home for added elegance. Buy individual leather coasters or a set of four or six that come inside a matching holder.

Leather Photo Frames

A photo frame might be the first product you think of when your mind goes to small leather goods for the home. Everyone has some special person or exotic vacation photo they want to show in a prominent place in their condo, apartment or home.

Leather Wine Accessories

Carry wine to a housewarming party inside a leather wine case. Take the bottles to your host or hostess to give them as a gift. Of course, you can choose to bring your lovely wine case home or you can give the case along with the wine to your hospitable friend who invited you.

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