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Ship's Wheel Gifts

The most desirable ship's wheel gifts you will find to decorate your home, office, restaurant, etc. Some of our smaller ship's wheel gifts can be taken with you like our keychain or flask.

Personalized Ship's Wheel Keychain In Stock

$9.60 Item# 57447


A nautical theme gift ideal for a travel agency, a cruise line or just perhaps the "skipper" of his or her own vessel.

Set sail for our collection of Ship's Wheel Gifts.

Nautical Ship's Wheel Brass Bell

$19.95 Item# 40377


Ahoy matties! It's a bit of the sea come to shore in these beautiful brass bell featuring a ship's wheel. It measures 7.25" and with the clear ringing that brings a hungry sailor to shore, these brass bells offer a wonderful and affordable gift to your favorite nautical lover or as the perfect accent in your den or study.

Anchor & Ship's Wheel Nautical Keychain

$14.10 Item# 62912


Boating is so much fun. Men who love to take family and friends out on their boat on weekends for afternoons of fellowship and good times love being outside and love the sound of the waves as their boat makes its way.

For most of us, Boating is all about recreation. Once upon a time boating was all about making a living. Men who fished for a living just offshore or those brave enough to sail to the new world were living and exploring by the sweat of their brow. Today boating is more enjoyable for so many professionals who enjoy the ability to have their own speedboat or yacht.

This Anchor & Ship's Wheel Keychain is a symbol he loves as is represents freedom and fun. The Anchor and Ship's Wheel also pays tributes to the men of the past who braved the waters to discover the new world and begin everything anew!

Ship's Wheel Decanter

$84.50 Item# 66627


When you return from a day of sailing, it's time for a nightcap with your entire crew. This ship's wheel gift is a 24 ounce glass liquor decanter that may be purchased alone or along with our on-the-rocks glasses (sold separately).

Ship's Wheel Double Old Fashioned Glass

$25.60 Item# 66629


Our on-the-rocks glass holds 14 ounces and makes a nice addition to your glassware collection. Buy an entire set!

Ship's Wheel Glass Stein

$31.40 Item# 66633


Personalized glass steins are a masculine gifts to give to your friends, family or shipmates. This one holds 15 ounces and features a 3-D pewter emblem.

Personalized glass gifts

Ship's Wheel Ornament

$19.85 Item# 66630

The next best thing to working on your boat or sailing on the water is bringing your love for all things nautical into your home. Since one of the best times of the year is Christmas, we know this ship's wheel gift idea will be celebrated for years to come.

Deck the halls with more Christmas Ornaments

Ship's Wheel Shot Glass

$13.45 Item# 66632


Celebrate when you buy a bigger boat or on any special occasion with this nautical theme ship's wheel gift. It's a 1.5 ounce shot glass that may be engraved with initials. Perhaps you can engrave the name of your boat on these shot glasses.

Ship's Wheel Thermos

$53.15 Item# 67722

Ships Wheel Glass Mug

$28.80 Item# 66628


This ship's wheel gift is for the boat captain who loves to have a cup of coffee before the first cruise of the day.

Ship's Wheel Nautical Clock

$34.40 Item# 61267


Silver Plated Clock with nautical theme.

We've got hundreds of personalized clocks awaiting your discovery

Nautical Theme Gift Ideas

The Ship's Wheel style gift is just one of the many nautical theme ideas we offer for home decorating, business styling or personal gift giving. Whether you're giving a gift to a boat captain or just a dreamer who loves all things about the beach and the open ocean, you're going to find a gift that makes you want to click the button right away!

The Personalized Theme Gift Collection

Making the most diverse product selection available since 1999, Gifts for Professionals can personalize almost all of our theme gifts. You'll find nearly 100 different themes and nearly 100 occupation gifts in our catalog. What are you waiting for? Start browsing deeper....

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