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Scales of Justice Gifts

Scales of Justice Gifts

Corporate Gifts for Professionals raises the bar with the most excellent legal gifts with a Scales of Justice Theme. Our corporate gifts include desk accessories, paperweights and bookends!
Scales of Justice Square Luggage Tag
Gold Scales of Justice Lawyer's Marble Nameplate
Scales of Justice Clear Coffee Mug
Scales of Justice Lapel Pin
Scales of Justice Lapel Pin
$3.85 Item# 70533
Scales of Justice Legal Photo Album
Scales of Justice Square Cube Paperweight
Scales of Justice Lawyer Mouse Pad
Scales of Justice Affordable Acrylic Nameplate
Men's Law and Order Justice aThemed Premium Collection Socks
Lawyer Slant Scales of Justice Marble Bookends - Brown
Law Justice Symbol Black Embroidered Baseball Cap
Scales of Justice Round Single Marble Pen Stand in Silver
Pinnacle of Achievement Scales of Justice Attorney Clock
Presidential Pen Stand for Lawyers
Gold Scales of Justice Lawyer Pen Holder
Lady Justice Green Marble Nameplate
Scales of Justice Lawyer Business Card Holder
Lawyer's Pen Stand and Card Case Scales of Justice Desk Set
Gold Law Justice Symbol Novelty Cufflinks NCL1704
Scales of Justice Cufflinks
$21.00 Item# 69135
Scales of Justice Mahogany Box

Scales of Justice Barware

Barware is a lawyer gift that every attorney appreciates. Having professional glasses and decanters in the legal firm's conference room a professional way to celebrate the closing of the deal of a lifetime!

Scales of Justice Lawyer Flask In Stock

$40.35 Item# 39312


Gifts for Professionals invites you to take a closer look at this perfect Stainless Steel Lawyer Flask! Here's a gift idea for the lawyer who isn't just all business.

Scales of Justice Bookends

One pair of scales can "weigh the evidence" at trial but two Scales of Justice will secure all of your books and law journals! These Marble Bookends feature a distinctive representation of the lawyer's professional symbol.

Scales of Justice Marble Card Holders

Our two showcases pieces in the collection of Marble Card Holders bearing a Scales of Justice emblem are the solid "jet black" marble card holder and our white marble card holder. These two distinct and contrasting card holders come from marble quarries on opposite sides of the planet. But they both look great as do all of our Marble Scales of Justice Card Holders.

Scales of Justice Crystal Clocks

Decorate your lawyer's office with a clear crystal circle clock or go with the straight lines of our crystal rectangle timepiece. Both designs features the Scales of Justice ornament.

Scales of Justice Marble Clocks

The impression left on a marble clock after engraving is impressive. It's a personalized name or message inscribed into a natural stone that will last for a very long time. Our diamond rotary engraver can cut into these Marble Scales of Justice Clocks and leave a message worthy of employee recognition.

Scales of Justice Frames

A frame is a way to show photos you are proud of and more importantly -- people you are proud of knowing and having in your life. Now, Gifts for Professionals offers these photo frames that do all of that and more! These lawyer frames also showcase the Scales of Justice -- the symbol of the law profession.

Scales of Justice Letter Openers

The legal assistant or lawyer can now easily open important mailed documents with a desk accessory tool emblematic of justice itself. Engraving is available directly on the metal blade of these lawyer letter openers.

Scales of Justice Acrylic Paperweights

Acrylic is the most affordable type of paperweight. Desktop productivity tools and decorative accessories made from acrylic are less expensive than the alternatives. Here you see lovely acrylic paperweights featuring the Scales of Justice Metal Alloy Ornament.

Scales of Justice Marble Paperweights

Marble Square and Marble Circle Scale of Justice Paperweights primarily in black or white marble although this year we've introduced a few other colors. Gold and Silver Scale Ornaments look equally great on black or white paperweights.

Scales of Justice Glass Pen Stands

Clear Glass and Gold Pens with Holders look amazing. But what about Clear Glass with Silver Pens and Holders? Well, they look great too. It's just a matter of professional preference that a lawyer has that decides which color is better. There's another choice to make too! That's whether to go with a single or double pen stand.

Scales of Justice Marble Pen Stands

The most interesting color combinations in our Legal Pen Stand offerings are available when its a marble pen stand that makes the base of the product. Marble comes in so many natural colors with veins and streaks that each piece is unique. Our round amber marble pen stand is one of our most popular lawyer gifts!

Scales of Justice Nameplates

Lawyer gifts are sometimes hard to choose. How do you know what someone will want to use on a regular basis? If you want a lawyer gift someone will be proud to display in their office for all the law partners and clients to see, go with one of our Lawyer Theme Scales of Justice Personalized Nameplates.

Scales of Justice Pen Stands & Card Holder

A two-in-one combination lawyer's desk accessory. These scales of justice pen stands also feature a business card holder in the design. Make your desk a little less cluttered by saving space with our combo card holder & pen stand.

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