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Sand Timers

Personalized Sand Timers

Corporate Gifts for Professionals brings you these Hourglass Sand Timers. Also known as an Egg Timer, the Sand Timer or Sand Clock.... The hourglass dates back more than 17 centuries to ancient Alexandria! But here, Gifts for Professionals brings you the best in modern sand timers for corporate gifts and executive award occasions.
Two In One Timer in Black Frame (3 & 5 Minutes)
Two In One Sand Timer
$27.00 Item# 64979
5 Minute Timer
15 Minute Chrome & Black Marble Hourglass Sand Timer
Executive Sand Writer
Executive Sand Writer
$46.80 Item# 58969
Wooden Sand Timer
Five Minute Sand Timer
$26.00 Item# 44655
Pharaoh's Sandtimer
15 Minute Sandtimer in Green Marble with Brass
Leone Sand Timer
Classic Sand Timer

The Hour Glass Sand Timer

The sand timer would certainly be considered a traditional desk accessory. It harkens back to a time before modern clocks and timepieces and when tracking time was a more toilsome task. Today, sand timers come in various "lengths" and they are not all used for the measurement of one hour. Some sand timers are for as little as 5 minutes and there are 15 and 30 minute timers available. Gifts for Professionals highly recommends these elegant sand timers as a decorative recognition gift for your employees or boss. One most of the timers there is sufficient room on the top or bottom for a thoughtful engraving method of your choosing.

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